Writing and Publishing

[Please check my ‘now’ page for updates on more recent writing; I have to use my limited wrist power for the actual writing, and not reporting out about it!]

Some recent-ish writing / editing efforts

I am a co-editor for the Book Reviews section of the Journal of Peasant Studies. Get in touch if you’ve got a recent book you want to review!

I started a blog in 2017, antidogmatist.com, for my recent writing and contributions from friends/colleagues. It is also the platform for my “blogged book” in development: a wide-ranging academically-supported but simply-written guide to food systems (and how to change them for the better). BUT, my tendonitis and PhD work etc, put this all on hold. So the site is sorely out of date.

Since 2009 I have been a regular contributor of essays, reviews, and commentary to Civil Eats, a food politics blog. I have posted some older writings on the In Search of Good Food movie blog. I’ve written pieces (mostly on farming issues) for other publications, including San Francisco Arts QuarterlyCommon Ground and the Earth Island Journal.

Some pieces from earlier years:

I’ve had a single-authored paper (a revision of the above piece on Occupy the Farm) published in a special issue of Globalizations on “Broadening the Land Question” in food sovereignty. Another single-authored paper was published in Third World Quarterly, this time on the “sovereignty” in food sovereignty.  I am also a peer reviewer with the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development (where I have also been published), Social Movement Studies, and ACME E-Journal. You can check out more of my scholarly work via my Research Gate or academia.edu profile. Or google scholar if you’re into that sort of thing.

Since I am a fan of free information and distributed (as opposed to controlled) knowledge, I made my senior thesis into a ‘zine. You can download that here if you want to print it; here if you want just the gist of it; and here if you want the whole paper in PDF.

I like Art. I like Politics. And I’m bullheadedly committed to seeing the two intermingle a little more than is usual these days. For that reason, I published San Francisco Art and Politics, a newsprint magazine. I’m down to about 100 copies, for the archive. But if you’d like a physical copy, get in touch.

I also was once involved in a group of silly friends who thought it useful to make a series of zines about us, by us. We called it Family Style Jamboree. You can also find one my early political comics, the 2004 “Peak Oil Tract“, through Family Style’s website.