My documentary (free to stream)

From 2007 to 2010 I researched, shot, and directed a 55-minute documentary film called “In Search of Good Food”.

Here is a link to the film, and below, a longer description. There was also a blog that went along with the film-making process. Enjoy!

In Search of Good Food from Antonio Roman-Alcala on Vimeo.

In Search of Good Food follows Antonio Roman-Alcalá, an urban farming activist from San Francisco, on his search for the “sustainable” food system in California.

The film attempts to answer the question: does the sustainable food system actually exist? And if it doesn’t, what is preventing it from becoming reality?

Built off of footage from a two-month trip around the state in early 2008, In Search of Good Food features interviews with farmers, farmworkers, wildlife advocates, cultural biologists, university professors, historians, educators, grassroots groups, organic foods distributors, the CA secretary of agriculture, and many others who form the various arms of this movement to ensure an ongoing supply of healthy, ecologically and locally-produced, economically affordable food for all Californians.

Mixing street interviews with food consumers; the perspectives and stories of advocates; animations; and footage of both the bucolic countryside and hectic city, In Search of Good Food presents both a compelling argument for the need for a better food system, and incisive criticism of the limited effectiveness of consumer-based solutions.

In Search of Good Food will make you think beyond “voting with your fork”, to the real challenges and opportunities that we face in creating a safe, just, and sustainable food system that provides good food for all.

Who best to answer the questions of how to make change happen, than those working to make it happen?