I am available, in many forms, with many functions, for many purposes. My main interests currently involve research, writing, and organizing, focusing on (urban) food systems, education, and institutional/community collaborations.

However, I am available to do any of the following:

I can design and implement sustainable and food producing gardens, for private, public, institutional and educational purposes.

I can teach farming skills, privately, or through an organization that you are involved with.

I am available to speak at public events. I am also available as a skilled facilitator to work with groups attempting to coalesce around mutual goals (in particular, I can train groups in consensus decision-making process and values).

I can provide short presentations on urban farming, global sustainability, methods and strategies in working towards social justice, etc (basically, on subjects which this website makes apparent I know and care about). I have done such presentations for various university classes, including UC Berkeley, Stanford, and NYU.

I can also teach longer courses on these subjects, for high school, undergraduate, and graduate levels.

I can consult regarding the process of starting, organizing, or maintaining a community food project.

I can illustrate and hand-design for fliers, posters, movies.

I can play drums for your recording session.

I can write things for you, or edit other things for you. I am particularly interested in hybrid journalistic/academic/advocacy pieces that can contribute to critical dialogue about how to reach towards sustainability and justice.

Also, my movie is still available for screenings (see