I’ve been turned on to the “now” page as a place to try to update about what is most currently on my agenda. However, I’ve been confronted with a series of challenges to this task. First, wrist tendonitis that makes my computer time limited. Second, perpetual website management issues (ah, wordpress and its popularity among hackers as a target!). YET, I continue trying to live, and to share, and so here I am in May 2023 updating this page for the first time in 2+ years.

As of today, I am mostly focused on:

  • Surviving the COVID-19 pandemic in the country with possibly the WORST political response: the USA. I’ve got it once, had the dreaded ‘coronasomnia’ afterwards, but am mostly recovered and man, does it feel good to sleep through the night again!
  • Finishing up the term at CSU East Bay, where I’ve been teaching in the AGES Program since last Fall.
  • Organizing the Agroecology Research-Action Collective (ARC) in North America (website currently busted!)
  • Organizing the first United States-focused Agroecology Summit, to take place in late May 2023. Check the website for more details.
  • Revising my PhD dissertation into a book manuscript.
  • Promoting the Zine version of the dissertation, available here.
  • Writing a commentary for this special issue on Land and Sustainable Food Transitions, on the idea of “land reform” and why it’s not so visible in US food movement.
  • Writing a chapter for a new edition of this now-classic book on Food Justice.
  • Being on the Board of Ecological Farming Association, who put on the annual Eco-Farm conference.
  • Finally gardening again more! At home in Berkeley, mostly.
  • Promoting the two albums I have managed to make in recent years, this one in 2019 and this one 2022.
  • Starting to play drums in a new band with very old friends/musicians, who I played with in bands literally DECADES ago. (Wow, I’m old).
  • Parenting a very charming child who is amazing, but maybe a bit annoyingly enthralled with Minecraft and thus less interested these days in nature, plants, the outdoors, etc. Sigh.
  • Trying to fix my websites and maybe start blogging again!