I’ve been turned on to the “now” page as a place to try to update about what is most currently on my agenda. However, I’ve been struck with wrist tendonitis since May 2018, and so have had a hard time keeping up on anything computer-related. So, I’ve not updated this page in more than a year! YET, I continue trying to live, and to share.

As of January, 2021, I am mostly focused on:

  • Surviving the COVID-19 pandemic in the country with possibly the WORST political response: the USA.
  • Teaching at UCSC and USF
  • Organizing the Agroecology Research-Action Collective (ARC) in North America
  • Participating in the USFSA Agroecology Collective and People’s Agroecology Process
  • Writing up my PhD dissertation
  • Finally gardening again more! At home and at Alemany Farm in SF.
  • Managing a small informal apprenticeship at Alemany Farm
  • Promoting a special issue for the Journal of Rural Studies, focused on the Emancipatory Rural Politics Initiative as applied to the USA and Puerto Rico.
  • Feeling happy about having published last year on (a) Agrarian Anarchism & Authoritarian Populism, (b) California and Midwest histories of agrarian change, (c) Fast Food Sovereignty, (d) Mutual aid and food systems, (e) COVID rapid response, and (f) Emancipatory rural politics in the USA.
  • Trying to recover wrist capacity to play music and compose a new/next album (I managed to record this one in 2019!)
  • Parenting more than ever due to coronavirus shutdown
  • Trying to fix my websites and maybe start blogging again!